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104. Mass. Code Regs. 27.13. - Human Rights

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“Human Rights”
Each facility must post a copy of the rights set forth by this section, in the admitting room of the facility, and in other appropriate and conspicuous places in the facility, and make copies available upon request. Among these rights is a patient’s right to a humane psychological and physical environment.  Patients of a facilityshall have reasonable access to a telephone to make and receive confidential telephone calls.  They shall also have the right to receive visitors of such patient's own choosing daily and in private, at reasonable times. Hours during which visitors may be received may be limited only to protect the privacy of other patients and to avoid serious disruptions in the normal functioning of the facility and shall be sufficiently flexible as to accommodate individual needs and desires of such patients and their visitor.
Any patient involuntarily committed to any facility that believes or has reason to believe he or she should no longer be retained may make written application to the superior court for a judicial determination of the necessity of continued commitment. Any rights set forth in this section may be temporarily suspended, but only by the facility director or designee upon concluding that patient's exercise of such right, would present a substantial risk of serious harm to said patient or others and that less restrictive alternatives have been unsuccessful. The suspension shall last no longer than the time necessary to prevent the harm, and its imposition shall be documented with specific facts in the patient's record.

Current as of June 2015