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U.C.A. § 63M-1-2504 (Creation of Office of Consumer Health Services- Duties)

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Creation of Office of Consumer Health Services- Duties

Utah has created an Office of Consumer Health Services within the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, which has created a Health Insurance Exchange for small businesses.  The Exchange must provide consumers’ information on private and public health programs they are eligible for, plan comparison and enrollment on the Exchange, and premium assistance enrollment.  The Exchange must also contract with private vendors to administer the Exchange enrollment process, collect premium payments, and establish a call center.  The Exchange must work with employers to establish a low cost mechanism to use employee pre-tax dollars for health insurance.  Additionally, the Exchange must create a list of insurance producers for the Exchange, and submit an annual report to the Business and Labor Interim Committee and the Health System Reform Task Force on Exchange operations.

The call center must provide unbiased information on plans and exchange operation.  The call center may not sell or negotiate a plan on the Exchange, receive compensation from an insurance producer, or be designated as a default producer for any employer group. 

The Office of Consumer Health Services may not regulate health insurers, plans or premiums offered on the Exchange.  The Office may however charge and collect a fee for the cost of exchange transactions.  

Current as of June 2015