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Health Care in the Courts--Webinar from the Alliance for Health Policy

On September 25, 2018 the Alliance for Health Policy held a webinar titled “Health Care in the Courts,” part of their “Beyond the Beltway: Health Webinars for Journalists,” series.  The webinar outlined various court cases around the country that look at different aspects of the Affordable Care Act. The cases range from the legality of the individual mandate to current Medicaid policy issues. They discussed current trends in the courts including “forum shopping,” where specific cases are brought to judges with known predispositions to rule for or against the ACA, and how court decisions may impact the public, including the potential for increases in premiums. The webinar was concluded with a brief Q&A session.    
The slides presented in the webinar can be found here. 
The webpage detailing the webinar can be found here.