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Sharing Health Information for Treatment

The Health Information & the Law team authored a series of four issue briefs for the American Hospital Association highlighting data from the 2016 AHA Annual Survey Information Technology Supplement. Each brief focuses on an aspect of the application of heath information technology in hospitals. The first brief, "Expanding Electronic Patient Engagement," addresses the state of patient's access to and engagement with their health data through health IT. The second brief, "Sharing Health Information for Treatment," considers provider sharing and use of clinical data and barriers to effective use of shared information. The third brief, "Improving Patient Safety and Health Care Quality through Health Information Technology," focuses on the use of health IT by hospitals and health systems to improve patient safety and health care quality. And the fourth issue brief, "Advanced Use of Health Information Technology to Support New Models of Care," compares the use of health IT by hospitals and health systems that are participating in new models of care with those that are not. 
The brief, "Sharing Health Information for Treatment," can be accessed here.