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Fair Process in Physician Performance Rating Systems: Overview and Analysis of Colorado's Physician Designation Disclosure Act

Publication: BNA Health Care Policy Report, Issue No. 30. Vol. 17 BNA

Physicians may be rated by entities such as health plans and hospitals; these ratings can be used as tools to promote clinical and economic value in health care expenditures.  Physician ratings and associated data are frequently reported to the public, and physicians have expressed concern over the methods used to develop this information, as well its accuracy.  Colorado was one of the first states to specifically restrict physician-rating systems, through its Physician Designation Disclosure Act, which has served as a model for other states that have passed or are considering laws restricting physician rating.  This brief examines the Act and the impact it, and similar laws, could have on the public reporting of physician-quality data.  

Access full text as PDF by clicking here. [Updated April 18, 2016]

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