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Health Information Technology in Oregon

        Oregon has implemented several laws dealing with the expansion and use of health information technology.  The law requires the administrator of the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research to promote collaboration among the Department of Human Services, the Oregon Health Authority, the Department of Consumer and Business Services and other stakeholders to develop a healthcare information system using data reported via the all-payer healthcare claims data reporting program.1  The law also sets forth a number of electronically reporting requirements.  Hospitals must electronically submit required data to the Oregon Trauma Registry.2  Pharmacies must electronically report information about prescriptions for controlled substances dispensed to medical assistance clients to the Division of Medical Assistance,3 and must also electronically report information about prescriptions subject to the prescription monitoring program to the department of human services.4

        In addition expansion of health information technology, the law governs existing health information technology programs.  Providers utilizing telemedicine, which is the use of telephone or electronic communications to relay medical information from one site to another to improve patient’s health status, must comply with a number of requirements.  These requirements include compliance with HIPAA, implementing policies to prevent breaches of patient privacy and maintenance of clinical and financial documentation relating to telemedicine services.5




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Health Information Technology in Oregon

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Information security programs (if electronic) Or. Admin. R. 333-200-0090 - Trauma Hospitals The Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority will accredit trauma system hospitals after evaluating and approving a hospital’s...
Electronic health records (EHRs) Or. Admin. R. 410-121-4010 - Reporting Requirements Within one week of dispensing a controlled substance to a Division of Medical Assistance Program fee-for-service client, pharmacies must...
Telemedicine and telehealth Or. Admin. R. 410-130-0610 - Telemedicine Telemedicine is the use of telephonic or electronic communications to relay medical information form one site to another site to improve patients...