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Equity and Disparities in Oregon

        The state of Oregon addresses health equity and disparities primarily by requiring all health insurers, including private insurers, managed care organizations, and Medicare and Medicaid participating insurers to report certain elements of health care data, including race and ethnicity data in order to address and evaluate health care disparities in the state.1  In addition, the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Plan must conduct targeted, culturally appropriate outreach to members of racial and ethnic minority communities in order to maximize enrollment in the program.2  Finally, as part of the standards for the Family Planning Expansion Program, providers who participate in the program must provide culturally sensitive care and employ bilingual and bicultural staff.3



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Equity and Disparities in Oregon

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Language or cultural services required in health plans (Cross reference with Private Insurance Data) Or. Admin. R. 333-004-0060 - Standards of Care for Contraceptive Management Services Providers participating in the Family Planning Expansion Program must agree to provide contraceptive management services according to the following...
Disparities reduction & equal access Or. Rev. Stat. ยง 413.201 - Targeted outreach for Health Care for All Oregon Children program To maximize the enrollment and retention of eligible children in the Health Care for All Oregon Children program, the Oregon Health Authority will...