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Medicare Data Requirements in New Mexico

        Any individual that receives Medicare is entitled to information about the expiration of their benefits and can access such information by filing a request with the Department if Human Services.1 The law requires all state agencies that administer Medicare programs to maintain the confidentiality of the recipients, their benefits, and application information.2



  • 1. N.M.S.A. §27-2-7.1
  • 2. N.M. Admin. Code; N.M. Admin. Code 8.300.11.9; N.M. Admin. Code 8.300.11.10


Medicare Data Requirements in New Mexico

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Confidentiality of Medicare data Confidentiality – N.M. Code R. § New Mexico regulations specify that state agencies that administer programs under the Social Security Act or the Food Stamp program maintain the...
Care coordination/care management (chronic disease management; sharing information across providers; enrollee participation) In Home and Coordinated Community Care Services Program; demonstrations – N.M. Stat. Ann. §27-9-1 New Mexico law gives the Department of Human Services and Department of Health authority to implement a program giving in home and coordinated...