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Written request for access to recorded personal information – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3904.08

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If any individual submits a written request to an insurance institution, agent, or insurance support organization for access to his recorded personal information, the insurance entity must do the following:

  • Inform the individual of the nature and substance of such information;
  • Permit the individual to either see and copy the information in person or to obtain a copy of such information by mail, after accurately translating any coded information into plain language;
  • Disclose the identity, if recorded, of those persons to whom the entity has disclosed such personal information within two years prior to the request; and
  • Provide the individual with a summary of the procedures by which he may request correction, amendment, or deletion of recorded personal information.

Medical record information will be supplied either directly to the individual or to a medical professional designated by the individual and licensed to provide medical care with respect to the condition to which the information relates, whichever the insurance entity prefers.  If the entity discloses the information to a medical professional designated by the individual, it will notify the individual of such at the time of disclosure.

Except for personal information provided in connection with an adverse underwriting decision summary, an insurance entity may charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs of providing a copy of recorded personal information to individuals.  

Current as of June 2015