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Wis. Admin. Code DHS §66-10 - Data Collection - Treatment Alternative Program

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Upon DHS's request, each Treatment Alternative Program (TAP) agency must submit the following program to DHS:

  • Number of potential clients referred to TAP from each criminal justice system
  • Number of clients admitted to TAP
  • Each client's socio-economic characteristics: age, race, sex, education, employment status
  • Criminal charge against each client, drug dependent status of client, primary drug of abuse, other diagnosis and results of diagnostic testing
  • Each client's treatment progress and status, any rearrests
  • Services provided by TAP agency to each client
  • Report on TAP agency's expenditures by line item category

The law requires that DHS analyze this data to determine the effectiveness of this program, and use this information for public information.  The law prohibits DHS from requiring submission of client identifiable data except for research, and the law further prohibits publishing of any client identifiable information.

Current as of June 2015