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V.T.C.A. Occupations Code § 154.002

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Information for Public Dissemination

The Board of Medical Examiners must prepare:

  • A list of names of licensed physicians;
  • A list of licensed physicians by county of the physician’s primary place of practice is;
  • Summary of the Board’s functions;
  • Laws related to the practice of medicine;
  • A statistical report each fiscal year that provides aggregate information on complaints to the Board, categorized by type of complaint.

The Board must also make available on its website a consumer guide to health care.  The Board must include information related to billing and reimbursement of health care services provided by physicians including information advising consumers that:

  • The charges for health care services will vary based on the person’s medical condition, any unknown medical conditions, diagnosis and treatment protocol, and other factors;
  • The charge for the health care service may be different than what is paid by the consumer or third party payer;
  • The consumer may be personally liable for payment for health care services depending on the health plan;
  •  The consumer should contact the health benefit plan for more information on plan structure, benefits, deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and other plan provisions.

Current as of June 2015