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V.T.C.A. Health and Safety Code § 108.006

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Powers and duties of Council

The Texas Health Care Information Council must develop a statewide health care data collection system to collect health care charges, utilization data, provider quality data and outcome data.  The Council must:

  • Direct the collection, dissemination and analysis of data;
  • Contract with the Department of Health to collect data;
  • Adopt rules necessary to carry out the provisions of the law;
  • Coordinate with data collection efforts required under federal and state law to avoid duplicative efforts;
  • Work with other agencies, review public health data collection programs, and recommend consolidation of programs where appropriate;
  • Assure that public use data is available and accessible;
  • Provide rules for provider data submission;
  • Implement a methodology for collection and dissemination of data for provider quality;
  • Make reports to officials on charges for health care services, the effectiveness of the Council, recommendations, and quality and effectiveness of health care and access;
  • Develop an annual work plan;
  • Provide consumer education on using the data;
  • Work with the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and agencies that administer the state Medicaid program to avoid duplicative data collection efforts;
  • Work with the Department of Information Resources to develop and implement the statewide health care data collection system;
  • Develop and implement a health care information plan to be used to support public health activities, assist in primary care and preventative care delivery, help to establish benchmark data to measure performance improvements, and establish a systematic manner for collection, storage, and analysis of health care data for studies.

The Council may contract with the Department to conduct its duties.  However, the Council may not establish recommended charges for health care services.  In the collection of data, the council must consider the research and initiatives being pursued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and may not adopt rules that are inconsistent with these standards. 

The Council must establish a public use data file minimum data set that maintains patient confidentiality and establishes data accuracy and consistency.


Current as of June 2015