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U.C.A. § 26-33a-106.1

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Health care cost and reimbursement data

The health care data committee must establish an advisory panel to advise the committee on the development of a plan for collection and use of health care data.  The advisory panel must include various stakeholders from the medical community and government. 

The committee must:

  • Develop a plan for collecting data from data suppliers to determine costs and reimbursements for risk adjusted episodes of care;
  • Share insurance claims data and individual and small group health risk factor with insurers participating in the defined contribution market in order to establish rates and for risk adjustment;
  • Assist the Legislature and public with transparency and awareness of the health care market by reporting on:
    • Geographic variances in medical care and costs;
    • Rate and price increases by health care providers.

The plan adopted under this law must show the type of data to be collected, how the data will be collected, how the data will be used, protection given to the data, and who will have access to the data.

Current as of June 2015