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U.C.A. § 26-33a-104

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Purposes, powers and duties of the committee

The purpose of the health care data committee is to direct a statewide effort to collect, analyze and distribute health care data to facilitate the provision of low cost, high quality care. 

The Committee must:

  • Adopt a health data plan that identifies key health care issues that can be solved through better data collection, analysis, and dissemination, document existing data collection efforts within the state, come up with actions to facilitate better data collection activities, detail the types of data needed, describe data validation activities, and explain the expected uses and benefits of the derived data of promoting quality care, managing costs, and improving access to care;
  • Have the authority to collect, analyze and present health data while protecting individual privacy by using a control number as an identifier;
  • Evaluate the existing identification coding methods, and if necessary issue a rule to promote the uniform identification of patients, facilities, and providers;
  • Advise, consult, or cooperate with other entities for the collection, analysis or reporting of health care data.

Except for the functions of data collection, analysis or validation, the Committee does not perform regulatory functions or duties reserved for other state or federal agencies. 

Health data may not be requested from providers until a health data plan has been established.  If a request for health data imposes unreasonable costs on a data supplier, the request can be amended.  If it is not amended, the Committee must pay the costs associated with providing the data. 

The Committee may not publish any health data that discloses specific contract terms, discounts or other reimbursement arrangements. 

Current as of June 2015