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Trauma Facility Designation Criteria, Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1015-4 (Chap 3 § 303)

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Trauma Facility Designation Criteria - Level I Facilities
Requires Level I trauma care facilities to establish prehospital care protocols and programs for patient safety. Prohibits transfers of patients based on their ability to pay. Requires facilities to create a trauma performance improvement program and establishes standard for this program (e.g., use of objectively defined standards to assess quality, use of a reliable method of data collection, etc.). Requires facilities to establish a peer review/performance improvement committee. Tasks this committee with reviewing trauma care, deaths, and complications and implementing corrective actions upon identifying a problem.
Requires trauma facilities to collect trauma registry data and annually submit this data to the National Trauma Data Bank. Requires submission of data to Colorado’s trauma registry within 60 days following the end of the month during which the patient was discharged. Requires facilities to implement measures to protect the confidentiality of trauma data.