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Tenn. Code Ann. § 71-5-182 - Medicaid Program Violations, Fraud, Damages and Definitions

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A person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim to the Medicaid program for payment, knowingly makes or uses a record to get a false or fraudulent claim under the Medicaid program paid for, allows a Medicaid claim to be paid knowing it is false or fraudulent, or knowingly makes or uses a false record to evade payment to the Medicaid program, is liable to the state for a civil penalty of at least $5,000 and not more than $25,000, plus three times the amount of damages sustained by the state. 

If the court finds that an individual gave state officials all known information about the violation within 30 days that the person first acquired the information, the person fully cooperated with the state investigation, and at the time the person provided the information, no civil or criminal action had been taken against the individual, the court may lower the damages to two times the amount of damages incurred by the state.

Current as of June 2015