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Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-11-310 - Requirements for Reporting of Hospital Statistics

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Requirements for Reporting of Hospital Statistics

Within one hundred and fifty days after the end of a hospital's fiscal year, the hospitals shall submit a joint annual report of the statistical information in relation to their patients for that fiscal year. If a hospital is closed during the fiscal year, it shall submit the report within one hundred and five days after the closure. If the hospital changes ownership during the fiscal year, the owner shall submit a report within one hundred and five days after the sale of the hospital, and it shall provide a notarized statement indicating that the following purchaser will submit a report for the full year.

If the Department of Health finds errors in the joint annual report, the hospital shall correct the errors within fifteen days of being notified. Along with the joint report, the hospital shall submit a paper copy of the report, and a notarized statement approved by the Chief Executive Office and approved by the Chief Financial Officer saying that the information is consistent with the audited financial information of the hospital for that year.

The commissioner of the Department shall create rules and regulations governing what should be in the report. The commissioner may request early completion of the report or special reports if the Office of the Comptroller requests that information, but only after the commissioner consults with the Tennessee Hospital Association. The Department of Health shall not request a report within a period of less than twelve months unless the hospital was not open during the entire twelve-month period.

Hospitals that do not file a timely report or that do not include the required data shall receive a deficiency from the Department. The hospital will then have fifteen business days from the time of notification to return a plan of correction which will address how the deficiency will be fixed, the date by which the correction shall be made, the procedures put in place to ensure the deficiency does not recur, and the action taken to ensure that the person responsible for the deficiency does not do that again. The Department of Health shall compile an electronic compilation of the statistics reported by the hospitals for the fiscal years which will end by November 30 of the following year.

Current as of June 2015