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Subject of report or representative has right to report and related records – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5123.613

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Upon the death of an individual with mental retardation or a developmental disability who was the subject of an abuse, neglect or unusual incident report, the department or the county board of developmental disabilities must provide the report and any records relating to the report to the following persons within thirty days after receiving a request:

  • To the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate, if the report or records are necessary to administer his estate;
  • To the guardian of the deceased, if he has a guardian; and
  • If the deceased does not have a guardian, to the following people in this order:
    • His spouse;
    • His children;
    • His parents;
    • His siblings;
    • His uncles or aunts;
    • His closest relative by blood or adoption; or 
    • His closest relative by marriage.

Current as of June 2015