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Statewide emergency medical and trauma care system, Colo. Rev. Stat. § 25-3.5-704

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Statewide emergency medical and trauma care system - development and implementation - duties of department - rules adopted by board
Requires the Department of Public Health and Environment to create a statewide emergency medical and trauma care system. Identifies mandatory aspects of this system including minimum patient services, (e.g., prehospital care, injury prevention, etc.), transport protocols, a communications system, a quality improvement system, and a statewide trauma registry. Directs the Department to implement rules governing the registry and specifies the types of information that the registry must collect (e.g., admissions data, trauma deaths, types of injuries, etc.). Classifies registry data and quality improvement system data as confidential. Prohibits the subpoena or admission of quality improvement data in civil actions. Clarifies that this prohibition does not prevent patients from accessing their own records.