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Short-term hospitals, general and special - CONN. AGENCIES REGS § 19-13-D3

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Short-term hospital buildings should be of sound construction and provide adequate accommodations for patients. The hospital should be in good repair and clean at all times.
A short-term hospital must be managed by a governing board that creates bylaws, rules and regulations. Personnel must be employed at sufficient numbers.
Hospitals must retain medical records for 10 years for each patient after discharge, except that original records may be destroyed prior if they are preserved in accordance with current hospital industry standards. Each record must contain a complete history and physical examination. All medical records must include proper identification, and include notes to justify diagnosis and warrant treatment. Medical records should be completed within thirty days of discharge. If a physician continually fails to maintain adequate records, this may be grounds for disciplinary action.
Each hospital must create policies and procedures that ensure that each physician obtains a signed statement indicating informed consent before any procedure or treatment.

Current as of January 2016