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Rights of persons with a developmental disability – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5123.62

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Rights of persons with a developmental disability


Persons with mental retardation or a developmental disability have the following rights:

  • The right to be treated at all times with courtesy and respect and with full recognition of their dignity and individuality
  • The right to a safe and appropriate living environment, food, to practice a religion of their choosing, access to medical care, right to therapy, the right to appropriate care, the right to privacy, among many other fundamental rights
  • To participate in decisions that affect their lives;
  • To select a parent or advocate to act on their behalf;
  • To confidential treatment of all information in their personal and medical records, except to the extent that disclosure is legally permitted; and
  • To refuse to participate in medical, psychological, or other research or experiments.

Current as of June 2015