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Reviewing report of abuse, neglect, or a major unusual incident – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5123.611

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Upon reviewing a report of abuse, neglect or major unusual incident of an individual with mental retardation or a developmental disability, the reviewing committee must issue its recommendations to the department of developmental disabilities.  The department will review the recommendations and issue a report of its findings.  Such report will be made available only to the following:

  • The individual who is the subject of the report;
  • The individual’s guardian or legal counsel;
  • The licensee of a residential facility in which the individual resides;
  • The employer of any employee who allegedly committed or was responsible for the abuse, neglect or major unusual incident;
  • Any person or government entity that is authorized to investigate reports of abuse, neglect or other major unusual incidents; and
  • Any person to whom the individual or his guardian has authorized to receive the report.

Current as of June 2015