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Requirements for Regulations Pertaining to the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System – N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 2816

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Regulations pertaining to the statewide planning and research cooperative system must:

  • Specify the type and form of data that must be reported. This data must include (1) inpatient hospitalization and emergency department data from general hospitals; (2) ambulatory surgery data from facilities that provide ambulatory surgery services; (3) “outpatient, clinical laboratory, and prescription data” from general hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers; (4) “covered person and claims data;" and (5) the identity of patients that are transferred, treated, or admitted following a medical procedure at health care facility.
  • Create patient privacy standards to protect patient information that is collected and used in relation to the statewide planning and research cooperative system. 
  • Create standards for publishing, releasing, and using system data.
  • Establish reporting requirement for specific providers and third party payers. 
  • Establish data collection requirements regarding the care provided to uninsured individuals and  care provided through non fee-for-service arrangements. 


The commissioner may allow health care providers to obtain information about their patients from the system.  


The commissioner must “publish an annual report relating to health care utilization, cost, quality, and safety, including data on health disparities.”

Current as of June 2015