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Requirements for Recording the Identification of Veterans and Spouses – N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 2805-o

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Every nursing home and residential health care facility must keep and maintain accurate records identifying veterans and their spouses residing within such facilities.  Such information must be solicited by nursing home and/or residential health care facility staff upon a patient's admission, noted on the admission form, and included with the patient's file.  In the case of patients currently residing at such nursing homes or residential health care facilities, staff must solicit such information from each patient residing at such institution and update the patient's file to indicate veteran status.


Every nursing home and residential health care facility must, in writing, advise all individuals identifying themselves as veterans or spouses of veterans that the division of veterans' affairs and local veterans' service agencies provide assistance to veterans and their spouses regarding benefits under federal and state law.  Such written information should include the name, address and telephone number of the New York state division of veterans' affairs, the nearest division of veterans' affairs office, the nearest county or city veterans' service agency and the nearest accredited veterans' service officer.

Current as of June 2015