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Requirements for Maintenance of Original Mammogram Films by Providers – Ind. Code Ann.§ 16-39-7-3

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Providers must maintain a patient’s original mammogram films and reports in a permanent medical record of the patient for not less than 5years, or 10 years if the provider performs no additional mammograms of the patient after the original films were taken.  Upon request by or on behalf of a patient, a provider must permanently or temporarily transfer a patient’s original mammogram film or copies to the patient’s medical institution, physician, or the patient.  In making copies for the patient, the provider may not charge more than the actual cost in providing the films and reports.

At the time the mammogram is taken, the provider must inform the patient in writing of the length of time the patient’s original mammogram films will be maintained, and the procedure by which the patient may obtain mammogram films and copies. 

Current as of June 2015