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Reports relating to professional conduct and capacity – Regulations – Confidentiality – Immunity - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 5-54-23

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The Board of Licensure of Physician Assistants (“board”) must establish regulations that require various health care professionals, entities, government agencies, and peer review boards to report to the board: (1) convictions or determinations that a licensed physician assistant (PA) has committed unprofessional conduct; and (2) information regarding a PA’s mental or physical condition that may impact their ability to practice medicine.

Insurers that provide professional liability insurance to PAs must report, within thirty days, the initiation, settlement, or adjudication of a malpractice action against a PA.

Hospitals and licensed health care facilities must report, within 30 days, the revocation, limitation, or suspension of a PA’s privileges.

The PA that is the subject matter of the report may review their file and submit additional information for inclusion in the file. Board representatives and investigators may also access reported information in order to review a physician’s activities. Otherwise, reports made pursuant to this section are confidential.

Individuals and entities that comply with their reporting obligations in good faith are immune from resulting liability.


Current as of June 2015