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Reporting Requirements – pharmacies or pharmacists – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-3-15

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All pharmacies and pharmacists must immediately report by telephone or electronically to the health commissioner of the appropriate health district the following:

  • Any prescription for medication used to treat a disease that is relatively uncommon and may have been caused by bioterrorism;
  • Significant changes in medication usage that may be caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or established or novel infectious agents or biological toxins posing a risk of human fatality or disability; 
  • An unexpected increase in the number of prescriptions issued for antibiotics;
  • An unexpected increased in the number of prescriptions issued for medications to treat fever or respiratory or gastrointestinal complaints; and
  • An unexpected increase in the sales of or the number of requests for over-the-counter medication to treat fever, respiratory, or gastrointestinal complaints.

All health commissioners must immediately report information received from pharmacies or pharmacists to the director of health by telephone or electronic means. 

Failure to make required reports will subject the pharmacy or pharmacist to an administrative fine.  

Current as of June 2015