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Reporting poisonings and conditions, I.A.C. r. 641-1.6

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Reporting poisonings and conditions
Identifies the persons and entities (e.g., physicians, clinical laboratories, etc.) required to report poisonings and conditions to the Department of Public Health. Specifies the content of poisoning reports (e.g., name of patient, name of health care provider that tested the patient, etc.). Requires blood lead testing or carbon monoxide poisoning to be reported immediately by phone. Other reports must be made in accordance Appendix B which lists each reportable poisoning, defines the cases that must be reported, provides a reporting timeline, and identifies the methods of reporting (e.g., mercury poisoning— blood mercury ≥ 2.8 μg/dL or urine mercury ≥ 20 μg/dL must be reported weekly as specified by the Department).