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Reportable Diseases Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1009-1 (Regulation 1)

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Reportable Diseases
Requires the reporting of diseases listed in Appendix A of the regulation to the Department of Public Health and Environment. Authorizes the Board of Health to require reporting of outbreaks, epidemics, or unusual illnesses. Requires immediate reporting of any illness that a provider believes is related to a bioterrorist agent. Defines such agents as including, among others, anthrax, smallpox, and hemorrhagic fever. Specifies the information that must be reported as including patient name, their contact information, race/ethnicity, and laboratory information. Mandates reporting of a person’s sex at birth, gender identity, and treatment information for reports concerning STDs. Clarifies that STD reports from anonymous testing sites are not required to include the patient’s name or address.  Requires health facilities that voluntarily participate in public health projects to make medical records available to the Department when reporting healthcare-associated infections.