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Release of information – director investigations – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-73-01

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Release of information – director investigations


Information obtained during an investigation initiated by the director of health in response to reports of illnesses or diseases are completely confidential and may only be released in the following circumstances:

  • A local health district has reported cases of certain illnesses that have been determined as an outbreak of a contagious or infectious condition.
  • The director has determined the sanitary conditions and effects in places or the personal and business habits of people are causing illness in part of the district
  • The director has received a request from an agency of state or local government regarding public buildings that require a non routine analysis of a disease or other condition
  • The director has accepted a request for an investigation from another agency of state or local government
  • The information is released in summary, statistical, or aggregate form that does not identify an individual;
  • The director has determined that the release of information collected pursuant to an incomplete investigation is necessary to avert or mitigate a clear threat to an individual or to the public health;
  • The information is a part of an incomplete investigation and is released pursuant to applicable laws.


The director must prepare an initial journal entry when an investigation is initiated which will not include any protected health information.  If an investigation is not complete within six months from the date of the initial journal entry, the director will prepare a report containing preliminary findings.  The director will prepare supplementary preliminary reports every six months until the investigation is completed, at which time the director will issue a final report.  All preliminary reports will be posted on the department of health’s website until the final report is released.  Once the final report is released, the report will be posted on the department’s website, and will be available on the website for twelve months thereafter.  Journal entries and reports will not include any protected health information. 

Current as of June 2015