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Record-keeping and reporting requirements – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-30-05

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Healthcare providers requesting analysis of blood of a child under 16 years old to detect or determine levels of lead must complete the request for analysis with the following information: 

  • Child’s name and parent’s or guardian’s name;
  • Child’s street and mailing address, including the city, state, county and zip code;
  • Child’s social security number, date of birth, gender, race and ethnicity;
  • Telephone number, with area code, where the parents or guardians can be reached;
  • Specimen matrix (blood);
  • Analyte (lead);
  • Procedure used to obtain the specimen and the date it was obtained;
  • Physician’s or healthcare provider’s first name, last name, address, telephone number, and national provider identifier, if applicable; and
  • Child’s Medicaid number, if any.

The clinical laboratory that conducts the analysis must electronically report this information, as well as the accession number, the date the sample was analyzed, and the test result in micrograms per deciliter to the director of health.  The director will forward any reported test result indicating the presence of lead to the appropriate local of board of health, and will place all results of a child’s blood lead analysis on the state’s immunization registry. 

Current as of June 2015