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Purposes - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 42-12.3-2

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The Rhode Island General Assembly intends to assure access to comprehensive health care by providing health insurance to all uninsured residents. As a means of assuring access to care, the General Assembly will rely on the following principles when designing a health care act: (1) children and pregnant women must have equal access to health care; (2) primary and preventive care, including the use of a medical home model, must be emphasized for children; (3) problems with the fee for service system must be addressed; (4) language, cultural, and transportation barriers to health care must be addressed; (5) “enrollment must be both timely and accomplished in a user friendly fashion;” (6) “an adequate source of primary care providers should be developed;” and  (7) enhanced services to address the needs of at risk families should be developed.


Current as of June 2015