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Protection of records - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 23-6.3-8

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Health care providers, public health officials, and other persons that maintain records containing HIV test results must ensure the confidentiality of such records by (1) keeping the records secure and establishing safeguards for electronically stored records; (2) establishing rules for limiting record access; and (3) providing personnel with security training.

The department [of health] must “evaluate reports of HIV/AIDs for completeness and potential referrals for services.” The department must keep such reports secure and confidential and establish and implement a security protocol.

The department must create a protocol, in accordance with CDC guidelines, regarding the confidentiality of patient records. The protocol may not “be less protective than that required by state law.”

Reports and notifications made according to this section are confidential and may only be released as provided by law. Persons injured by the inappropriate release of their information may seek recovery in court.


Current as of June 2015