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Prospective drug utilization review – Ohio Admin. Code 4729-5-20

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Prior to dispensing any prescription, a pharmacist must review the patient profile to identify the following information:

  • Over-utilization or under-utilization;
  • Therapeutic duplication;
  • Drug-disease state contraindications;
  • Drug-drug interactions;
  • Incorrect drug dosage;
  • Drug-allergy interactions;
  • Abuse/misuse;
  • Inappropriate duration of drug treatment; and
  • Food-nutritional supplements-drug interactions.

Upon recognizing any of the above, a pharmacist must take appropriate steps to avoid or resolve the potential problem, including consulting with the prescriber and/or counseling the patient.  

Prior to dispensing a prescription, a pharmacist must request and review an Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS report covering at least a one year time period if the pharmacist becomes aware of a person doing any of the following:

  • Receiving reported drugs from multiple prescribers;
  • Receiving reported drugs for more than twelve consecutive weeks;
  • Abusing or misusing reported drugs; 
  • Requesting the dispensing of reported drugs from a prescription issued by a prescriber with whom the pharmacist is unfamiliar; or
  • Presenting a prescription for reported drugs when the patient resides outside the usual pharmacy geographic patient population.

Current as of June 2015