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Pediatric asthma pilot program. Asthma monitoring system. State-wide asthma plan. Model case definition of asthma. Report - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-62a

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The Commissioner of Public Health must “establish a pilot program for the early identification and treatment of pediatric asthma.” The program will provide grants so that two municipalities can develop screening and referral projects that utilize the services of various maternal and child health care providers.

The Commissioner of Public health must create a system to monitor asthma by January 1, 2003. The system must include “annual surveys of asthma in school” and voluntary provider reports regarding asthma visits and the number of patients with asthma. The system may include reports regarding the number of asthma prescriptions filled by pharmacies. The Commissioner must use the system information to estimate the incidence and distribution of asthma in Connecticut. 

Current as of June 2015