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Patient's rights re clothing, possessions, money and access to records. List of rights to be posted - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 17a-548

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Patients hospitalized in facilities that treat psychological disabilities must be allowed to wear their own clothing, use personal possessions, and spend “a reasonable sum” of their money for small purchases. The facility director may restrict these rights in order to avoid medical harm to the patient. Restrictions must be documented in the patient’s clinical record.

Patients and their attorneys must have access to the patient’s records when pursing litigation after their release. Mental health facilities may deny access if it “would create a substantial risk” of the patient causing life-threatening harm to themselves or others. Facilities may withhold portions of the record if disclose of these portions would violate another person’s privacy or an assurance of confidentiality Patients may challenge a facilities denial or restriction in Superior Court.



Current as of June 2015