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Or. Rev. Stat. § 179.505 - Patient record inspection, disclosure, or release by provider

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Records and information relating to the mental health of an individual are confidential and privileged to the patient, and may only be disclosed in accordance with the statute.
Disclosure With Consent:
A patient, or a patient’s personal representative, may consent to the disclosure of information relating to their mental health in writing, by providing the following:
·         The name of the provider that is authorized to make the disclosure
·         The intended recipient of the disclosed information
·         The patient’s name
·         A specific description of the information to be disclosed
·         Date or condition upon which consent is revoked
Disclosure Without Consent:
Mental health information may be disclosed without a patient’s consent under the following circumstances:
·         In the context of a medical emergency
·         At the discretion of a provider for research, audit or program evaluation purposes
·         To governmental agencies for purposes of securing payment
·         To health care providers within the same facility for treatment purposes, or to other providers to coordinate treatment
·         To the “appropriate authorities” in the event that a patient presents a “clear and immediate danger to others or society”
Disclosure Pursuant to Court Order:
Confidential information may be disclosed pursuant to a court order.

Current as of June 2015