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N.Y. Soc. Serv. § 373-a - Medical Histories of Children to be Placed for Adoption or Foster Care

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This regulation requires that authorized agencies provide the medical history of children legally freed for adoption and children to be placed in foster care, and the medical history of the children’s birth parents (with identifying information removed) to the prospective adoptive or foster parents.  The regulation states that after the child has already been placed in the care of adoptive or foster parents, the adoptive or foster parents are allowed access to the medical information stated above upon request.
The regulation further requires that the authorized agency make the above medical information available to a former foster child who has either been released into his/her own care or who has been adopted.  The regulation requires that the medical histories include all available information about conditions or hereditary diseases, any drugs/medication taken during pregnancy by the birth mother, and any other information that may be a factor in influencing the child’s current or future health.  The regulation allows the department of social services to alter or amend the regulations governing release of medical histories.

Current as of June 2015