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N.Y. Pub. Health § 241*2 - Creation of Office of Minority Health

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This regulation creates an office of minority health within the New York state department of health, and sets forth certain basic requirements for the office:

  • The office is required to integrate and coordinate selected state health care grant and loan programs that have been established specifically for minority health care providers and residents.  The office is further required to create a coordinated application process to aid minority health providers and others in seeking funds or assistance on minority health care programs.
  • The office is allowed to apply for grants, accepts gifts from private and public sources in order to fund research for improving minority health services.  The office is also required to promote such research in universities and colleges.
  • The office is required to collaborate with the minority health council, serve as liaison and advocate for the department of health on minority health matters.  The regulation sets forth certain specific tasks for the office in order to fulfill this goal.
  • The office is required to assist medical schools and state agencies in promoting minority clinical training and curriculum improvement and in disseminating minority health career information to high school and college students
  • The office is required to promote community strategic planning, and new/improved health care delivery systems in minority areas.
  • The office must review the impact of all program, regulations and health care reimbursement policies on minority health care.

Current as of June 2015