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Notification of rights – Wis. Admin. Code DHS §94-04

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Upon admission, a patient must be notified either orally or in writing of his or her rights.  Oral notification may be satisfied by showing the patient a video of his or her rights.  The guardian of an incompetent patient or of a minor must also be notified of his or her rights.  Notification is not required in the event of an emergency.   Upon admission, the patient or patient’s guardian must be informed of any costs they must pay for the treatment or care of the patient.  They must also be informed of charges for treatments or care.  Patients receiving services for an extended period of time must be re-informed of their rights annually or be given another copy of their rights in writing if there has been a change in patient’s rights.  If the patient cannot understand the notification of rights, oral or written notification should be given to the patient’s guardian or parent and to the patient when he/she is able to understand.  All notifications of rights, oral or written, must be given to the patient in a language he/she understands, including a foreign language, sign language or simplified language.  The regulation also requires that a simplified version of patient’s rights be posted in the patient area.

Current as of June 2015