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Notification of infectious disease - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 23-28.36-3

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In the event that a police officer, fire fighter, or emergency medical technician is “occupationally exposed” while treating or transporting a person to a licensed health care facility and the person is subsequently diagnosed as having an infectious disease, the health care facility must notify the highest ranking officer of the exposed person of their potential exposure to the infectious disease. The highest ranking officer must subsequently notify the exposed person. Notification must occur within 48 hours of diagnosing the infectious disease. Persons notified of their exposure must contact the health facility to receive treatment for their exposure. All notifications must occur in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the exposed person.

This section must be followed in accordance with the provisions of  § 40.1-5-26, regarding “disclosure of confidential information and records under mental health law” and § 5-37.3-4, regarding the “confidentiality of health care information.”


Current as of June 2015