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N.J.S.A. § 26:2H-5 - Powers of Commissioner

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The Commissioner of Health has the power to obtain information about health care services and operations of health care facilities and conduct investigations of the facilities regarding the adequacy of the facility, equipment, personnel and financial resources. 

The Commissioner also has the power the promulgate regulations regarding the establishment of requirements for a uniform statewide reporting system on health care quality and costs, and the certification of rates, payments, reimbursements or grants for health care services.  In addition, the Commissioner is charged with establishing standards and procedures on licensing of health care facilities.   The Commissioner may enter into contracts with a government agency, institute for higher learning, nonprofit agency, or planning agency to fulfill its duties.  The Commissioner may also provide technical assistance to health care facilities on planning, management, and standards of health care services.  If required by the Commissioner, health care facilities must furnish reports and information to the Department of Health and Senior Services, except for confidential patient information. 

The Commissioner has the authority to compel compliance with this section using judicial proceedings.

Current as of June 2015