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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules He-P §802.20

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“Patient records under the division of public health services regulations”

A patient record must be maintained for each patient admitted to a hospital and retained for seven years after discharge of a patient.  Electronic records must be maintained according to HIPAA regulations.  Patient records must include:

  • Identification data such as a patient’s name, address, telephone number, and emergency contact;
  • A signed acknowledgement of receipt of patient bill of rights by a patient or the patient’s guardian or agent;
  • A written or electronic record of a health examination by a licensed practitioner;
  • All medical orders;
  • Documentation of all services provided;
  • Laboratory, X-rays or results of other diagnostic tests.
  • Patient records must be safeguarded against loss or unauthorized use by implementation of appropriate use, handling and storage procedures.


Current as of June 2015