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N.H. CODE ADMIN. R. ANN. Med 501.02 - Standards of conduct under the board of medicine regulations

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A licensed physician must maintain complete and accurate medical records for all patients for 7 years. Records must contain a history, exam, diagnosis, and a plan appropriate for the physician’s specialty and documentation of all drug prescriptions.


A physician must honor requests made by a patient or the patient’s agent for copies of the patient’s medical record within 30 days of the request. A physician may require written authorization for release of medical records.  Upon the patient's request, the licensee must provide copies of the requested records, regardless of whether the licensee created the records or the records were provided to the licensee by another health care provider, and may charge the actual cost of copying for X-rays or other color photographs. 


Records must include the following:

·         History, exam, diagnosis and plan

·         Documentation of all prescriptions


A physician must have available information regarding where a patient can file complaints concerning treatment or billing, and must provide it upon request.


Physicians must adhere to the Code of Medical as adopted by the American Medical Association.


When prescribing controlled substances, physicians must document the prescription and adhere to appropriate treatment standards.


Current as of January 2016