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NDCC § 23-.01.1-.02

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Powers of health care data committee

The health care data committee is a standing committee of the state health council.   In order to provide information to the public on price competition in the health care market, the health care data committee may:

  • Collect, store,  and analyze health care data;
  • Compile to the average aggregate charges by diagnosis for the 25 most common diagnoses, annual operating costs, revenues, capital expenditures, and utilization for every nonfederal acute care hospital in the state, and average charges by source of payment and level of service for each long term facility;
  • Establish a uniform format for collecting patient charge information;
  • Prepare an annual report comparing the cost of hospitalization by diagnosis among the nonfederal acute hospitals and comparing the sources of payment and level of service among the long term care facilities;
  • Ensure the availability of charge information to the public to allow informed decision making;
  • Establish arrangements with the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, the Insurance Commissioner, Workforce Safety and Insurance, and the Public Employees Retirement System to assure patient confidentiality, the sharing of information, and the coordination, analysis, and dissemination of health care data, and to ensure there is no duplicative data collection;
  • Prepare and distribute a report comparing physicians' average charges for selected services to include all licensed physicians.

Current as of June 2015