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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.2505 - Commission; duties; strategic plan

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The Health Information Technology Commission must do the following:

  • Develop a plan to establish an interoperable system that reduces medical errors, improve the quality of care, and increase the value of care based on expenses.  The plan must include:  the development of standards for health information technology; use of evidence based medicine; measures to protect the privacy and security of health information; measures to prevent unauthorized access to information; measures to ensure accurate patient information; measures to reduce health care costs by addressing inefficiencies, the ability to identify health care priority areas, and ensure measurable outcomes. 
  • Identify the main scientific, economic and technical issues affecting adoption of health information technology.
  • Provide recommendations on policies that will allow further adoption of health information technology.
  • Increase public awareness of health information technology.
  • Identify ways to monitor community health.
  • Make annual reports to the state legislature on health information technology and community health.

Current as of June 2015