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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.16222 - Regulations and guidelines regarding the reporting of violations by licensees or registrants

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All licensee or registrants with knowledge of another licensee or registrant committing an act in violation of Section 16221, Article 7, or Article 8 must report the incident, including the name of the violating individual, to the department. All information obtained by the department must remain confidential. A licensee or registrant that fails to report such incidents may be subject to administrative action. The identity of the notifying licensee or registrant must be kept confidential unless disciplinary proceedings occur against the violating individual and the notifying individual has to testify. All licensees and registrants must notify the department about any criminal proceedings within 30 days of the conviction and about any disciplinary hearings that occurred in another state within 30 days of the action.

Current as of June 2015