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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 331.532 - Release or publication of proceedings, reports, findings, and conclusions of review entity; purposes; release of department of corrections' records regarding prisoners to legislative corrections ombudsman

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A review entity may release or publish records, reports, findings, and conclusions for the purpose of: (1) advancing health care research and education; (2) maintaining health care professional standards; (3) protecting the “financial integrity of any governmentally funded program;” (4) providing evidence pertaining to health care provider, entity, or practitioner discipline; (5) reviewing the competence, performance and qualification of a health care professional that is a candidate for a health facility position; and (6) complying with medical records requirements.

A review entity that keeps records and issues reports, findings and conclusions regarding the mortality and morbidity of prisoners must release information pursuant to § 4.355.

Current as of June 2015