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Medical Records to be Released to Patient - Mo. Rev. Stat. §191.227

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The statute above provides that upon written request, providers shall provide patients access to their medical records.

Under this statute, all providers (including physicians, hospitals, dentists, and other licensed professionals), upon written request, shall furnish a patient with a copy of his or her medical record within a reasonable amount of time and upon payment of copying fees.  However, this right is limited to access consistent with the patient’s condition and with the sound treatment by the provider.  Also, providers may charge a fee for providing a copy of a patient’s medical record to include copying, postage and a notary fee.  The copying fee may not exceed $17.05 plus forty cents per page while the notary fee may not exceed two dollars.  Postage may include packing as well as delivery costs.  These fees will be increased or decreased each year based on the Consumer Price Index.

Current as of June 2015