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Medical Care Services, Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1011-1 (Chap 05 § 8)

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Medical Care Services
Permits nursing facilities to allow practitioners to provide telehealth services to residents unless the service necessitates an in-person encounter.  Requires new residents to receive an evaluation within seven days of their admission that confirms their need for admission. Provides an exception for residents that were evaluated within 24 hours prior to their admission by a practitioner that will continue to provide their care and the practitioner submits documentation of this evaluation to the facility. Requires residents to receive a comprehensive medical evaluation within thirty days of their admission that covers their medical history, medications, and either creates or updates their plan of care. Requires practitioners to document visits with residents in a note that must be available within seven days in the resident’s health information record.
Requires the facility to contract with a physician to serve as medical director. Defines the medical director’s responsibilities (e.g., charing the quality management committee, reviewing accidents, etc.).